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Een Overzicht van Connectors Gebruikt in de RC Wereld - upgraderc

An Overview of Connectors Used in the RC World

In the world of radio controlled (RC) hobbies, connectors are critical. They provide a safe and efficient connection between various electronic components such as batteries, motors, ESCs (Electronic Speed ​​Controllers) and receivers. Different connectors are designed to meet specific needs and power requirements. In this article we will discuss the most common RC connectors, their applications, current capacity, suitable cables and the different types available.

Bullet / Banana Connectors

Banana / Bullet connector

  • applications: Bullet or banana connectors are commonly used for connecting motors to ESCs and batteries. They are popular for their low resistance and ease of installation.

  • Flow Capacity: Depending on the size, the current capacities vary from a few tens to hundreds of amps.

    • 2.0mm Bullet: 25A
    • 3.5mm Bullet: 50A
    • 4.0mm Bullet: 90A
    • 5.0mm Bullet: 120A
    • 5.5mm Bullet: 130A
    • 6.0mm Bullet: 150A
    • 6.5mm Bullet: 160A
    • 8.0mm Bullet: 200A
  • Suitable cables: 

    • 2.0mm Bullet: 20AWG
    • 3.5mm Bullet: 16AWG
    • 4.0mm Bullet: 14AWG
    • 5.0mm Bullet:  12AWG
    • 5.5mm Bullet: 12AWG
    • 6.0mm Bullet: 10AWG
    • 6.5mm Bullet: 10-8AWG
    • 8.0mm Bullet: 8AWG

Deans of T-Plug Connectors

Dean connector

  • applications: Deans connectors, also known as T-Plugs, are widely used in RC cars and airplanes. They provide a firm and reliable connection.

  • Flow Capacity: 60/75A

  • Suitable cables: 14AWG

XT-30, XT-60 on XT-90 Connectors

XT-30, XT-60 en XT-90 connectors

  • applications: These connectors are commonly used for batteries in RC vehicles and airplanes. XT-60 and XT-90 provide robust connections, while XT-30 is suitable for smaller applications.

  • Flow Capacity: XT-30: 15/30A, XT-60: 30/60A, XT-90: 60/90A.

  • Suitable cables: XT-30: 16-18AWG, XT-60: 12-14AWG, XT-90: 10-12AWG.

EC-2, EC-3 en EC-5 Connectors

EC-2, EC-3, EC-5 connectors

  • applications: These connectors are often used for demanding RC applications such as large vehicles and aircraft.

  • Flow Capacity: EC-2: 10/20A, EC-3: 30/60A, EC-5: 60/120A.

  • Suitable cables: EC-214-16AWG, EC-3: 12-14AWG, EC-5: 10-12AWG.

IC-3 en IC-5 Connectors

IC-3 and IC-5 connectors

  • applications: IC and EC connectors are pretty much the same and are backward compatible, which means you can use batteries with EC connectors in an RC car equipped with IC connectors. IC connectors can be considered an advanced version of the EC connector family. Batteries with IC connectors can only be charged with Spektrum Smart battery chargers.

  • Flow Capacity: IC-3: 30/60A, IC-5: 60/120A.

  • Suitable cables: IC-3: 12-14AWG, IC-5: 10-12AWG.

TRAXXAS iD and TRX (old version) Connectors

TRX en traxxas id connector

  • applications: These connectors are used in TRAXXAS RC vehicles. TRAXXAS iD connectors also offer battery recognition for easy configuration.

  • Flow Capacity: 60/75A

  • Suitable cables: 12AWG

Tamiya en Tamiya Mini Connectors

Tamiya en Tamiya mini connectors

  • applications: Tamiya connectors are commonly used in entry level RC vehicles and devices.

  • Flow Capacity: 15A

  • Suitable cables: 14-20AWG

Futaba/JR/Hitec RX in Servo Connectors

servo kabel

  • applications: These connectors are used for connecting servos and receivers in RC vehicles.

  • Flow Capacity: 3A

  • Suitable cables: 20-28AWG

JST-XH en JST-RCY Balancer Cable Connectors

balans kabel

  • applications: These connectors are used for balancing LiPo batteries during charging.

  • Flow Capacity: 3A

  • Suitable cables: 22-30AWG


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