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70A Brushless ESC Speed Controller w/ Progam Card (Boot)

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  • Waterproof design
  • Built-in SBEC, multiple protections
  • Simple operation, parameters can be set by transmitter or program card
  • Use a powerful and powerful MCU. Users can set functions as their demand and fully embody intelligent features. Unique circuit design and strong anti-interference.
  • Waterproof design (Note: If there is water in the ESC, please dry the water at the connectors).
  • The Start mode can be set. throttle response quick, and it has very smooth linear speed control. Compatible with scale boats and racing boats.
  • The low voltage protection threshold can be set.
  • Built-in switch BEC, large power load with servo, lower power consumption.
  • Multiple protection functions: input abnormal voltage protection / low voltage protection, overheating protection and throttle signal loss protection, make the ESC more reliable.
  • Powerful safety performance: wherever the throttle lever is, the engine will not start immediately.
  • About thermal protection: When the ESC temperature exceeds 100 degrees, the output power will be automatically reduced. When it is lower than 80 degrees, the output power returns to normal.
  • Cycle menu setting, easy operation. Support setting with program box and transmitter.
Output Continuous 70A, Burst 420A up to 10 seconds
Input voltage 2-6S
BEC 5.5V/5A
Size 57*49*18 mm
Weight 101g
Suitable for max 70cm no